Annika Ek

Annika Ek R.H.N.
Functional Nutritionist & Wisdom Coach
Ph.D. Student in Wisdom Studies
President and Founder of TrulyU Health & Wisdom

Hire Annika as an Engaging Speaker for Your Next Event

Annika can speak on a variety of topics including:

– The Benefits of Anti-inflammatory Eating, Cooking and Living.

– How Health & Wisdom Set the Stage for Powerful Impact for Women Over 40.

To book and for more information contact info@trulyu.com

To learn more about Annika read her bio here.

You were brilliant today, thank you!

The issues you address affect everyone and you made your points with precision and compassion.

The group was very impressed as you saw in the chat.

Jim Garrison

Founder, President, Chief Academic Officer, UBIQUITY UNIVERSITY

Annika gave an outstanding presentation on the benefits of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle to our staff. She was very well received!

Annika has a very calm and confident demeanour that is contagious.

Marie-Claire Thauvette

Chief Executive Officer, FAST FORWARD FRENCH

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