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  • Why the Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle is so Powerful.
  • How To Make a Smart Oil Change for Your Body.

  • How To Score a Veggie Hat Trick & More

Meet Annika

Annika Ek R.H.N. is an Evolutionary Nutritionist showing her clients The TrulyU Way™ – an empowering framework that sits at the core of Evolutionary Nutrition™.

Her clients are fed up with start-stop fad diets and are ready to practise self-care with ease and kindness.  Annika helps her clients establish new positive habits that take root, one tiny choice at a time, and grow into a healthy and resilient lifestyle.

Annika combines modern science and functional health principles with ancient wisdom teachings.

Annika Ek sitting at desk

Annika Ek R.H.N.
Evolutionary Nutritionist
Founder of TrulyU Evolutionary Nutrition
Creator of Evolutionary Nutrition™

After working with Annika, I am ready for the rest of my life. My body is ready, my soul is ready. I let go of feeling resentful of the time and commitment it takes for significant self-care.

Now I’m excited and joyous to integrate and apply the vital health and nutrition information I’ve learned. There is a lot in Annika’s teachings. And no fluff—I love that! And surprisingly to me, my favorite learning was he wisdom practices, they made it so much easier to do what used to be hard for me.”

Sherry Hogan English

Certified High-Performance Coach

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-Why the Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle is so Powerful
-How To Make a Smart Oil Change for Your Body
- How To Score a Veggie Hat Trick & More

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