I often get asked where I get ingredients for recipes or how to find specific products I mention in my courses, blogs or talks. Here is a evolving list of my favourite tools and products I recommend and use for myself and my family. Please note: many of these links are affiliate links so if you make a purchase through the links on this page, I make a small commission without increasing your cost, that is used to help keep TrulyU running. I only link to products I use for myself and/or for my family and support, if you choose purchase through my links, I say thank you and am grateful for your support! Here is full affiliate disclosure.


Real Plans

NEW! Real Plans is an online meal planning tool with lots of flexibility I recently discovered and am excited to share with you! With this tool you can customize your weekly menu according to your own food preferences and diet restrictions and adjust quantity to include dinner guests and make sure you have left overs for next days lunch. Plug in your preferences hit submit and get new easy-to-prepare recipes each week. I love this tool, it helps me plan with ease. Let me know what you think, take a look at Real Plans.

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