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Ginger-Citrus Tea

Ginger tea has warming and stimulating properties and is especially good during the cold winter months. Ginger has many health properties, most commonly known to help with nausea and support digestion. Avoid ginger tea at bedtime if you are sensitive, since it is stimulating and may interfere with sleep. Ginger-Citrus Tea Yum Print Recipe This […]

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Cooking Leafy Greens

Cooking leafy greens, or cooking down dark leafy greens, is something I do almost every day. The “down” refers to down in size, as the greens compact significantly during cooking. This is such a quick and easy way to eat a large amount of greens with ease. Cooked greens is a corner stone of a healthy […]

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Kermit Pancakes

These plantain based pancakes with baby spinach are bright green, hence I gave them the name “Kermit Pancakes”. For me these pancakes were are big part of being able to stick to the AIP (Autoimmune Paleo) diet, especially at the beginning. Make a batch and enjoy them fresh, that’s when they are the best, but […]

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