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Are You Ready For A Fresh Take On How To Get Healthy Habits That Stick? 

  • Discover that you’re not alone by completing the “Midlife Woman’s Body, Mind & Life By Decade Checklist”.
  • Learn about the Three Components that make Healthy Habits that Stick possible.

  • Complete the “Functional Health Resiliency Checklist” and you’ll have a document to help guide your priorities for improving and maintaining your Health and Resilience.

  • And much more!
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Meet Annika

Annika Ek R.H.N. is a Nutritionist to Women 40+ Ready to Thrive. She is the founder of TrulyU and the host of TrulyU Women’s Circle.

Annika supports midlife women (40’s-70’s) so they can (finally) make self-care upgrades stick and enjoy better health now and for years to come using The TrulyU Method – combining modern science with ancient wisdom.

Annika Ek sitting at desk

Annika Ek R.H.N.
Nutritionist to Women Ready to Thrive

After working with Annika, I am ready for the rest of my life. My body is ready, my soul is ready. I let go of feeling resentful of the time and commitment it takes for significant self-care.

Now I’m excited and joyous to integrate and apply the vital health and nutrition information I’ve learned. There is a lot in Annika’s teachings. And no fluff—I love that! And surprisingly to me, my favorite learning was he wisdom practices, they made it so much easier to do what used to be hard for me.”

Sherry Hogan English

Certified High-Performance Coach

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